Breaking Old Records

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'We are the World' the old charity single from the 80's(also immediate chart buster world-wide), and that which has benefited aid events over two decades, is going to be re-recorded to benefit Haiti Earthquake Fund. Hope it turns out well, unlike the old iconic Indian song Mile Sur Mera Tumhara(meaning One Tune) which got re-recorded and re-released today in connection with 60 years of Indian Republic. The new song was not well-received and was scorned for being "soul-less".

Update(Feb 4 '10) -- Guess inspite of being a commendable effort for Haiti, it is looked at with a little skepticism-messing with old iconic tunes and making people to like new versions is surely a tough job. But, its nice to see efforts to re-create history!


Obama gets his grade!

Monday, January 25, 2010

It’s been one year that Obama took charge of the US, and hence the world in general, thus giving hope to mankind for a bright future. But looks like not everybody is happy with the man, and the puppy dog charisma will not save him unless he 'changes' something fast!

Most people are of the opinion that he should have concentrated on unemployment issues than about the health care. That reminds me Politics are not the best way to really solve things. They always end up creating Much Ado about Nothing.

Poor man. Not his fault. The best he could have done was at least be real “political” about this whole World leader-thingy and at least make it look like everything is in safe hands and thus,keep the world happy. And just save his face. (A birdie had once told me if you ever jump into politics be as politrickal as you can, or just stay away. and that there’s no in-between!). Haa, but what does he do, when the horrible media of this day and age can be so overbearing. Perhaps, the man should learn a lesson or two from media people and create some subtlest propogandas ever!

Anyways, Obama Politricks got mixed reviews like they say here. And it looks like a B minus. Almost C!


"Does Journalism Exist?"

I sometimes really feel British Media is never a waste of time to listen to. Alrite, don't take it at face value. There's of course a lot of crap everywhere including Britain's watchdogs. But, seems like the media houses there, are still most closest to the real concept of Fourth Estate.

So, they had a lecture about Journalism. By Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger. And it had some fodder for thought. As always, Alan "knows"!

Good thoughts on how traditional journalistic values and Internet can keep 'real journalism' undying, paid webnews, this n that, and then about William Perrin a 'real journalist'-- who is not an actual journalist.Means,he doesn't do it as a profession.(check this).

Always felt InternetWorld is the closest the human population can come in terms of 'Global Village' and an Utopia at that! No borders,no nations, no government!


National Ad Gaffe Day

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It was National Girl Child Day today in India and the Government, with all good intentions, tried to promote the ' Say NO to Female Foeticide' Message with a good Awareness Poster. But, a little carelessness turned it all into a Himalayan blunder! And finally, they had to apologize to the Indian Citizens for that.

Evidently, they included a pakistani ex- Airforce chief and "hurt" Indian sentiments. How dare they put foreign man on "our" Poster! And of all the nerve, a Paki!

Last I heard, Women and Child Development people in the country went mad. Not surprising, wonder if anyone thought to remember the girl child amidst all the hullabaloo :P

Sigh who is to blame. "Careless" Adpeople or "touchy" Nation! or both!

More Details here


Colorful Jobs

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heard that Yahoo! News is hiring bloggers.
Checked out the site to find that they are filling five posts - Senior. National Affairs, Senior Politics, National Affairs, Politics and Media & Culture.

And, then came across something interesting: - "Only those with more than 5 years of journalism experience will be considered for the two senior positions. Only those with more than 2 years will be considered for the other three. All bloggers will be paid according to experience.."

No that's not interesting. That's just plain depressing!!
What was really interesting was, one last line which followed.

"People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply".

Googled to learn that 'People of Color' includes all communities that are non-white and is a very positive word as opposed to previously used terms which were considered to be highly offensive, like 'Colored People' for instance!

Couldn't help laughing out loud. Funny Euphemisms for a Funny world!


Reality Check

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happened to come across this Captioning Contest on flyyoufools comic website, and one of the winning entries based on facebook-ing. Really funny and made me laugh.

But, it also made me wonder- should we really care ?
I am not trying to talk about this comic in particular, but about our thoughts on onlinesocial networking in general. If some one feels happy farming (or whatever) online, and feel a sense of satisfaction quite similar to what a real farmer feels, or atleast thinks he feels, why should it be looked upon as something dangerous for humansociety blah blah? It made me think about how we assume,and think that everybody's feeling has to be - objective! Similar to the thought lines of anti-gay marriage movements which assert that homosexuality lacks sanctity, when gays are having as much fun as straight-married people.

So in every aspect- to each on his own! People should,start to think that way;automatically!


Enhancing security or creativity?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will the new automatic profiling(of 14 countries )help tighten security at US airports? So, thinks the American TSA. But is there something like a reliable terrorist profile?

To say that Post 9/11 we have all got into this habit of automatically associating all Muslims with the BinLaden-likes, would be an understatement. We just need to take a look at the list, as out of the 14, 13 are muslim countries.

And,the countries on this new watch-list have petitioned against this,requesting for behavioral profiling and to not encourage racial biasing.

Anyways, those arguing for behavioral profiling and the people at TSA must be in unison on one thing- that our terrorists are going to be far more imaginative.
Like this Martin Rowson cartoon portrays!


The Media Dilemma

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Popular Indian TV Journalist, B.Dutt tweeted that on her show 'We the People', she's going to address the issue - 'Does a journalist/camera person capture an image/story or help a person in need'. That reminds me of reading something a couple of days back about angry people in Haiti yelling at the media- "More doctors, less journalists".

Update -Watched debate.

"Being a journalist does not relieve you of the obligation to be a humanbeing.. and, a responsible human being. If I stand on the street and allow some one to be hurt, I am as guilty as any one else."

by capturing graphics and putting themselves in danger in several cases, are feeding a market which is a vicious beast."

Listening to all the arguments and counter arguments, I guess focusing on the moral ambiguity of a journalist is not the real point. The average ethic quotient of the human race need an urgent raise. And perhaps, the media should take up the responsibility to do it, as it has the power element!


Hold on, Please!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Listening to the political speculations about how the Haiti Situation can improve US-Cuba relations, or the anti-capitalistic views of how the US-Haiti policies for the past years made the impact so severe, or the insensitive comments from a group of media opportunists, or the over-patronizing attitudes adopted by several aid organizations, I can’t help but wonder if it isn't a little early for all these? Can't this hold at least,till the critical phase is over, after which, anyways the whole world will be talking Haiti for quite a while....?!!

It’s great that Haiti’s debts will be forgiven and aid-reliefs will be purely grants. Last I heard, during pre-quake days, the country’s population used to diet on mud cookies

Image- A NewHaiti Abstract


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