Nothing lean about Carlos Slim

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I just learnt that mexico's tycoon Carlos Slim Helu overtook Bill Gates for No. 1 spot on Forbes World's Billionaires list this year.Warren Buffet finished third this time.

Slim's fortune has swelled to an estimated $53.5 billion, up $18.5 billion in 12 months. Shares of his company America Movil, of which Slim owns a $23 billion stake, were up 35% in a year.

Mexico has reportedly the widest rich-poor divide among Latin American countries (after Brazil) according to World Urban Forum held recently.

Brazil’s rich/poor gap was tagged as the most outstanding, with 10% of the richest absorbing 50.6% of all income, compared to the 0.8% going to the poorest 10%. Mexico follows, with its top 10% controlling 42.2% of income, compared to the 1.3% for the poorest 10%.


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