BlueBerries for better Memory

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Researchers at Univ. of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, OH and scientists at Tufts Univ, Boston have led a study that found out that intake of blue berry juice can considerably help boost memory in Aging Adults. Apparently, berry juice contains high levels of anthocyanins which act as strong anti-oxidants. This helps in improved motor skills and enanced memory when consumed in the mild impaired stage. That is, when memory failure just starts in old people.

This study has been done before on animals, but its been done for the first time in humans. The trial lasted three months on a small group of people averaging 76. Considerable improvement was noted at the end of daily consumption of blueberry juice. They also fared better than a similar group with no-blueberryjuice may be this might really help a lot of old people who has trouble with aging memory.


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