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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I just read Brooker's latest press mock. He was contemptuous of the recent Tiger Apology Episode. And some where else someone jokingly said its easy for the press and public to forgive Tiger, after all they are not married to him! If you are just another golf man nobody would have cared for sure. But, when you are a celebrity and your career and life is sculpted out of a good guy image, yeah you are the public's darling. And, then its the press and the public thats your actual parents(...and spouse and kids and relatives) than your birth family, when it comes to forming opinions and taking decisions based on your actions.

Well, perhaps you and I don't really have opinions about how other people should be leading their lives, but it seems a lot of people really really care. Like this media person for instance.

Image- MicrosoftE3 pressconference,2007


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