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Monday, February 22, 2010

So this assignment blog started by three journalism students in Wales who call themselves Three Dewis first changed the structure of local news programming, then became an award winning and one of the top ten political blogs in 2009, and now is helping Production Company Tinapolis bid for the government's IndependentlyFunded News Media Tender.

Glin Tansley, one of the co-founders say that they reported on anything Welsh Politics. "We have tended to focus on the process and what's going on behind the scenes rather than policies. There's a bubble in Welsh politics and your either inside it or outside. We wanted to let people know what was going on on the inside. Part of this appeals to people who write and read online and are used to this style of blogging."

The big break came last year in June during European Elections. "We tweeted (and retweeted) the result live and then blogged the highlights (gaining a thousand followers in the process)."

Politics Cymru has surpassed its student beginnings and Tansley says any student with the chance to launch their own specialist or hyperlocal sites should take it up.

PS- Cymru(pronounced kemri) is welsh for Wales.


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